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Btw sorry about all the ed sheeran posts I know y’all don’t expect that on this blog. I’m just SO FUCKING HAPPY right now cuz I love him so much ughh.

For those of you who ARE interested, I posted more pictures on my ed sheeran blog (yes I have one of those shhh) and I’m gonna be posting some videos soon too, so if you wanna see that check it out

EVERYTHING WAS SO PERFECT. He is so nice and down to earth. And he sounds like a fucking angel omg I don’t know how it’s possible for someone to sing that well.

For the meet and greet, we were all in this small room (there was less than 50 people total) and we just sat on the ground and he stood in front and played 5 songs for us and talked with us a bit, just sort of joking around. And I was sitting in the VERY front of the room, like there was no one in front of me. Ed was about 4 feet away from me the whole time. 

The first song he played was “Don’t”, and when he started there was something in his guitar that like he uses when he’s playing in the arena but didn’t need for a small room like the one we were in, so he pulled in out and threw it on the ground and it rolled right to me. And so after he finished the song he asked me to hand it to him!

And then he asked us what we wanted to hear, and someone asked him to play “Homeless”, which is a song from Loose Change, the EP he recorded and released all by himself back before he was signed to a label. So he played that. And then someone asked for “Wake Me Up” and then “Kiss Me”, so he played those. 

And then he said for the last song he was gonna take suggestions and that we should request something that he’s never played live and never will again. And he said he’d take five suggestions and pick the one he liked most. So I raised my hand AND HE CALLED ON ME! And so I asked for “Sofa”, which is also from the Loose Change EP, and THAT’S THE SONG HE DECIDED TO PLAY!!!

Like it’s a really big deal that he played “Homeless” and “Sofa” cuz he never, ever, EVER plays those. Ever. So like unless you saw him play live back before he was famous and signed to a label, you haven’t heard those songs. 

And then we got to take pictures with him, and he put his arm around me and squeezed my shoulder.

And then they gave us all a signed photo and tickets to the concert.

And the concert was AMAZING as well, again he sounded SO DAMN GOOD. And the lights were amazing, too. And he played like, all of my favorite songs. Don’t and You Need Me and Runaway and Tenerife Sea and I SEE FIRE HE PLAYED I SEE FIRE IT WAS SO GOOD THAT’S MY FAVORITE SONG EVER and they played clips from the hobbit on the big screen while he was playing it it was so fucking cool.

And he played “All of the Stars”, the sound he wrote for the fault in our stars, which he doesn’t normally play live. Also he played “Nina” which he had apparently never played live before and he was worried he was gonna mess the loop pedal up on it since he hadn’t practiced it, but it was perfect of course. 

And basically it was just perfect.

I got a TON of pictures too. The best ones are from the meet and greet obviously cuz I was like 4 ft away from him.

This one is my favorite cuz he’s adorable:

And here’s the picture of me and him:

american-niki replied to your post: “Alright this was probs the best night of my life I can die happy now”:
Where did you see him? There was a girl in my office today that said she was going to his concert.

Allstate Arena in Chicago. And I got to meet him and attend a small pre-show concert thingy, cuz I was one of the top 25 bidders for this charity auction a radio station was doing


Alright this was probs the best night of my life I can die happy now

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